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ILLATIONs Maiden Voyage at The Great Big Green Business Breakfast

ILLATION and Yolanda Berry will be at the Great Big Green Business Breakfast in Weston Supermare on the 29th of September 2022.


Here is an exerpt from the event page:

We will hear from Yolanda Berry, a Behavioural Economist, hailing from Silicon Valley, and now based in WSM. Behind her is a varied and exciting career in tech and space, including taking the very first support call from another planet. She has almost 10 years’ experience as a Behavioural Economist working with governments, organisations, local community groups, start-ups, etc. She focuses on implementing behavioural change around environmental issues.

Most recently Yolanda has founded a new venture called ILLATION.WORLD, aimed at helping micro-SMEs to evaluate their carbon footprint, without draining either the bank account, or impacting the cognitive load by trying to learn all the complexities of environmental impact.